Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Husband - Your Dad
Today is December 12, 2006.
Madison I just wanted to write a quick note to you before I go to bed about your dad, who by the way happens to be my husband. Your dad is the best man you will ever meet. I am sure that when you grow up you will hunt for a husband just like him. You see, I know this becuase I am married to him and he is probably the kindess, most thoughtfull, loving, and respectfull man I have ever met. I cannot imagine not being marred to him. As you can tell I love your dad very much as will you. As you grow up Madison you will see all of these qualities that I am describing and when you are older and read this you will agree with me. I know that you are going to love him as much as I do.Make no mistake, your dad is not perfect, no one is, but your dad places God at the top of his list in everything he does and he has an extaordinary faith in Jesus and these are just a few of the great things I want you to know about him.
I love you,

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