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Friday, November 13, 2009

It has been a while since I have written anything. I am very excited to write that we have finally received a referral. We have a beautiful baby girl waiting on us in Shanghai City. She is 33 mo. old. She is 17 pounds and just adorable. We cannot wait to go and get her. We received tentative travel arrangements today and are due to travel on Jan. 14. That is a very special day for us as it is the birthday of our son. God plans out things so perfectly. He truly has a plan for everything. A time, a place and a season. We love you Madison and we will be there soon.

Love Mommy and Daddy

Paper work filed July 2005
LID April 2006
Referral date Oct. 30 2009

What a long wait!! But worth every minute.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Madisons room

Madisons room

Baby Shower

Me and Nenny opening all your gifts at your baby shower. June 16, 2007

Summer 2008

Nenny and Sara making chocolate milk.

Big Brother

Madison this is your brother Christopher. He is 6ft. 2in. about 213 pounds and has a heart that is just as big is he is. You are going to love him just as much as we do.

Easter 2009

Check back later for more updates and pictures of Madison's room and our family adventures. We had a great Easter today and we are just praying for our referral to get here soon. We know God has a plan for our family. Follow our Blog as we update you on our exciting Journey to Madison.
Madison is coming soon; God is bringing her.

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008 Midland, TX. Sara is riding her bike that Santa Clause brought her. We are still anxiously awaiting your arrival.



Mommy, Aunt Jennifer, Nenny, and cousin Sara when she was just a baby.

Summer 2008 in Texas

In Texas summer 2008 visiting Grandpa Bill, Grandma, Aunt Page, Aunt Connie, and cousin Ava.

July 4th 2008

Getting ready for July 4th party last year (2008).

Dad and Uncle Darren

Madison this is your Dad and Uncle Darren. The have been smoking meat allday. You will love your dads cooking.

Madisons backyard

Your cousin Sara at her 4th birthday party in Midland, TX.

Curtains in Madison's room.
Tammy (
Hi Maddie,
My name is Tammy. Your mother and I have been best friends for many many years. I have a daughter named Chancy, she will eventually be your baby sitter. We can't wait till you get here. I don't have any little one's, so I hope you will let us get very close to you. I love your mom and dad very very much. I am so glad that they are in our lives and I can't wait to meet you and be able to share many memories with you. I already love you, HURRY!
Jennifer (
Hey Maddie, this note is for you. I'm your aunt Jennifer. If anyone knows how much you mean to your mommy and daddy, it's me. They haven't seen a picture of you, yet their hearts are full of love for you. Your a lucky little girl! Our family has so much love to give and not enough little ones to give it to. So hurry up and come home, I'm waiting for my first hug & kiss.
Love, Jennifer
Hi Madison. Yesterday was your baby shower. There were so many people there. It was great. Your mom and I had such a great time preparing for the big day. You got so many wonderful gifts. Your mom is going to have a blast putting everything in its special place. Your dad and uncle Darrin prepared the meat for us and it was soooo good. They did an awesome job. It was nice to see your Nenny and aunt Jenny again. They are very special people and I love to visit with them. Probably the next time I see them you will be here. I can't wait. I was hoping so bad that your mom and dad would have received that long awaited call last night but I know it's coming. Well, I can't wait to see you and love you so much!
Love Tammy
Time is passing
It is almost June 2007 and time is passing by. We really thought you would already be with us, but that is ok becuase God is just getting us all prepared for you and you for us. He just wants to make everything perfect. We already love you so much and cannot wait to see you and hold you. The whole family and all of our friends are anxious and cannot wait for you to arrive. I am getting more anxious as time passes. My friends and your nenny and Aunt Jennifer are throwing a big baby shower/party to celebrate your upcoming arrival. It is going to be on June 16th. I cannot wait. Your dad and I are so excited. There are still a few things I need to get for your room, but we are waiting until after the baby shower. There is not a day that goes by that someone does not ask about you and when you are coming. I just keep telling them soon. Madison, we love you very very much and cannot wait to hold you and love on you.
Mom and Dad
My Husband - Your Dad
Today is December 12, 2006.
Madison I just wanted to write a quick note to you before I go to bed about your dad, who by the way happens to be my husband. Your dad is the best man you will ever meet. I am sure that when you grow up you will hunt for a husband just like him. You see, I know this becuase I am married to him and he is probably the kindess, most thoughtfull, loving, and respectfull man I have ever met. I cannot imagine not being marred to him. As you can tell I love your dad very much as will you. As you grow up Madison you will see all of these qualities that I am describing and when you are older and read this you will agree with me. I know that you are going to love him as much as I do.Make no mistake, your dad is not perfect, no one is, but your dad places God at the top of his list in everything he does and he has an extaordinary faith in Jesus and these are just a few of the great things I want you to know about him.
I love you,
I knew you
I’ve known you before I met you.
Your hair and your eyes are brown,
Your smile will light up a room
When you are trying to be Daddy’s little clown.

I’ve known you before I met you
In the mornings that you wake me from my slumber
Your sweet voice I’ll remember
While holding my clock "What’s this number?"

I’ve known you before I met you
Each day I will tell you of God’s blessing to be
And of his blessing
That he has already bestowed on me.

I’ve known you before I met you
Your family will be the joy of you life
We will all do our best
To protect you from life’s pain and strife.

I’ve known you before I met you
My little girl, I’ll always be here when you need to talk
I’m not the best listener, but I’ll try
Because I knew you well before you could walk.
I love you
Your Mom
Your Mom is the love of my life. At this time we have only been married for 22 years. I know your Mom better than anyone else ever will. You are so blessed to have a mother like her. I could tell you your mother believes people should always "do the right thing". Or that she is very loyal the the people she loves. She always strives to be the best that she can or do everything to the best of her ability. She loves God. I could tell you alot of things about your Mom, but what I really want to tell you is that I pray that you are just like her. But even if you aren't, you will be the love of our life.
Madison I pray for your safety. I know that you are most likely already born or soon will be born and I pray for you and your birth mothers safety. I hope that she takes you somewhere safe and some one very kind and loving will be holding you, loving you, and making sure you are not hungry. I pray for God to watch over you and that you will know in your little heart that we are on our way soon. I pray that you will be ready for all of the love that we have to give and that we will bond quickly and I pray for you health. Madison we love you and cant wait to come and hold you in our arms.
Madison I pray that God will ease your birth mothers pain as she leaves you, and comfort her aching heart. I want her to know that you will be forever ours and loved unconditionally and that you will be raised in a Christian home with Christian values and more love than you know what to do with.
Ephesians 1:5-6 He predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will - to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves.
1Samuel 1:27 I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I have asked of him.
I love you,
Madison, I think of you daily. I love you already. I pray for you and I know without a doubt that God has his mighty hands around you. He will keep you safe until Mom and Dad get there to pick you up. I worry about your Mom and Dad going so far away from home,but I know that God also will protect them and bring the three of you home safely. Madison,you are coming to the most wonderful country in the world . There is so much opportunity. You con be anything you want to be., and Madison your family is the greatest.Your blessed that God is giving you this wonderful Mom and Dad. Your Mom is my oldest daughter She became my best friend and love of my life when I was 17.( not very old but I knew when I first saw her that God had blessed me and I would spend the rest of my life being thankful for her. Your Mom will always be there for you , to love and guide you. I have lots of growing up stories to tell you about your Mom. Your Dad , he is like a son to us, we love him very much. Papa and I always say if we were picking a husband for Mom we would have picked him. L:isten to him and be close to him . He will be your Dad and your best friend all in one. Madison let me tell you about your brother Christopher I saw him come into the world, red hair and so tiny A blissing from God. He is grown now, a giant heart . He will be very important in your life, and I know he will be crazy about. Now let me tell you about your Aunt Jenn and Uncle Jeff. Jennifer is my youngest daughter . She was born when I was 30 , your Mom was 12 And agian I was blessed with another best friend and love of my life. God truly has blessed me with two wonderful daughters. Jennifer and Jeff dated in high school. They married when they were 20. And again this is the man we would have picked. We love him like a son.Now about your cousin Sara. She is 2 1/2 now . I watched her come into the world also, all 10.6 .lb of her. , another blessing from God . We love her so much. I know that you and Sara will be great friends. I talk to her about you all the time. she tells me that she will get your bottles and change your diapers. Last but not least your Papa, he is looking forward to another little girl. you will love your Papa. By the time you are 2 he will have down in the floor playing horse and monster, just anything to get you to squeal. Madison,this family is so thankful you are com,ing. We will love and protect you for the rest of your life. Love Nenny .
Gracie and Pearl.

I am sure they will make every step Madison makes daily.

I cannot wait to see her with them.

Madison's forever family. Aunt Jennifer and cousin Sara with mommy Christmas 2007.
We cannot wait until you are with us this next Christmas.
We Love You!!

Just anouther custom outfit for miss thing!! We are getting ready to receive the most amazing gift. God is so great!

Miss Madison we are coming soon.

We love you,

Mom and Dad

Now how cute is the pink and brown?

She is just going to be adorable! We can hardley wait. But it is getting closer. It is April 12, 2009 and our official LID was April 17 2006. The Chinese Government is currently working on matching babies with LID of March 9, 2006. Sooo we are not far off. YEAH

Anouther custom outfit for the princess.

Custom made for Miss Madison.
She will just be a doll!

I hope we have enough outfits to go with all our shoes. A girl can never have enough clothes and shoes!

All of Madison's squeaker shoes. I don't think she has enough!!

Madison's many hair bow!!

Madison's tea party

Madison's room

JOHN 14 :18
"I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.
Madison we are coming!

Madison's room