Sunday, April 12, 2009

Madison, I think of you daily. I love you already. I pray for you and I know without a doubt that God has his mighty hands around you. He will keep you safe until Mom and Dad get there to pick you up. I worry about your Mom and Dad going so far away from home,but I know that God also will protect them and bring the three of you home safely. Madison,you are coming to the most wonderful country in the world . There is so much opportunity. You con be anything you want to be., and Madison your family is the greatest.Your blessed that God is giving you this wonderful Mom and Dad. Your Mom is my oldest daughter She became my best friend and love of my life when I was 17.( not very old but I knew when I first saw her that God had blessed me and I would spend the rest of my life being thankful for her. Your Mom will always be there for you , to love and guide you. I have lots of growing up stories to tell you about your Mom. Your Dad , he is like a son to us, we love him very much. Papa and I always say if we were picking a husband for Mom we would have picked him. L:isten to him and be close to him . He will be your Dad and your best friend all in one. Madison let me tell you about your brother Christopher I saw him come into the world, red hair and so tiny A blissing from God. He is grown now, a giant heart . He will be very important in your life, and I know he will be crazy about. Now let me tell you about your Aunt Jenn and Uncle Jeff. Jennifer is my youngest daughter . She was born when I was 30 , your Mom was 12 And agian I was blessed with another best friend and love of my life. God truly has blessed me with two wonderful daughters. Jennifer and Jeff dated in high school. They married when they were 20. And again this is the man we would have picked. We love him like a son.Now about your cousin Sara. She is 2 1/2 now . I watched her come into the world also, all 10.6 .lb of her. , another blessing from God . We love her so much. I know that you and Sara will be great friends. I talk to her about you all the time. she tells me that she will get your bottles and change your diapers. Last but not least your Papa, he is looking forward to another little girl. you will love your Papa. By the time you are 2 he will have down in the floor playing horse and monster, just anything to get you to squeal. Madison,this family is so thankful you are com,ing. We will love and protect you for the rest of your life. Love Nenny .

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